Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fell off the face of the earth?

No, I didn't but I have been working on our taxes. Yuck! What a mess. First, many days of organizing a year's worth of receipts. Dumb...wait until March to start the PREVIOUS year's receipts. Then, the second mistake. We tried Turbo Tax. That may be a fine program for an average Joe taxpayer but my husband is a pastor who is considered self-employed (I know...DUMB! It's supposed to help but I don't think so. It just makes us liable for our own SS taxes since I am also considered self-employed as a Lutheran school teacher.) But the real problem for us is that we live in a parsonage. Turbo Tax is not designed for us in our situation. So, we ended up back at H & R Block (Thank you, Mary...who's dad was a pastor and she understands the complexity of our situation. We shouldn't have strayed!) We signed the papers yesterday and they are being sent in electronically. Yahoo! They are done.

I also came home from the appointment on Friday and updated the spreadsheet that I used to match up with the different categories more closely and actually put a few receipts in from this year! My goal? To go through and enter all of the receipts by this summer and again over Christmas break. Then, make my appointment in January or February instead of under the gun like we did this year. Did a mention that we got Mary's LAST appointment? She wasn't taking any more appointments after us!!!! Thankfully we called when we did.

Enough whining! HAPPY EASTER! Jesus is Risen! He is Risen INDEED!!!! It's not about bunnies (although okay to have bunnies around Easter.) It's not about eggs (again...had some for breakfast at church...perfectly fine, too!) It's about JESUS!!!!!

My uploading is unsuccessful today..I probably have the wrong format of pic...I'll work on that. Happy Easter!

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