Sunday, July 30, 2006


Well, it's been a productive and HOT day here in my land! I woke up a little early and after a bit of breakfast took my little dog for a 35-40 minute walk. It was HUMID to say the least. Thank goodness for good songs on my MP3 player otherwise, I wouldn't have been as motivated.

I went to church and received a few compliments on my weight loss. I have lost 99 pounds since December 21st...the day of my gastric bypass surgery. I lost about 20 pounds before that (and since my dh had gastric surgery last June...he's lost over 150 pounds!!!!) Can I say, we look terrific...I know because I was inspired to look at my before pictures...

I was a size 28 before. I purchased size 16 capris a week or two ago...Yikes! Felt so GOOD to shop in a "regular" size clothes shop. That was actually kind of scary...I've not shopped at places other than Lane Bryant and Catherines (excellent plus size shops!) since before college in 1989!!! Yikes! I still remember looking through JCPenneys once when home college...and not finding anything to fit. They had an ok plus size department then...

I weighed 303 pounds on the day of my dh's surgery. I weighed 283 on the day of my surgery. I now weighed in this morning at 184!!!!!!!!!!! Okay...a few more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted yesterday that I was organizing my stampin area. All, I need the motivation to create...I know it's just an excuse to be messy but my new theory may be that I need mess to be creative.. I can only create in chaos...Ah, the true lazy side of me is coming out. You see, if I don't have to clean and can use creativity as an beautiful is that?

Off to check out some stampin blogs...


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Super Saturday

No big plans here. I cleaned (which has now become a Saturday morning ritual...) the basics. Since school got out, I've tried to clean on other just doesn't work for me. I need a routine and a plan.

Now, I'm off to organize. (Yes, organize is different than cleaning in my book.) I've been going through all of my stamping junk and if I haven't used it or if I can't use it at a SU workshop, I parting with it...okay, lots of it. It just needs to be done. Do I have more space? O yes! It's wonderful to look and see that a shelf doesn't have to be crammed full.

When the space is done, I'm hoping to have a creative spewing type of happening. Like, I'm so creative it just spews out of me...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Day Two...last in a series

Okay, so I won't title each day by number...

Today was good! We drove up to Red Lake Falls, MN (if you have even heard of this little gem of a town, God bless you!) and walked the beautiful trail that this city has! It's gorgeous. Completely tree-lined. Daphne, our little beagle, sniffed the entire time, always finding something new. We walked for about 50 minutes out and decided it was time to turn around. We saw a rather large snapping turtle. My dh quickly pulled me away from it when I hadn't noticed it...I guess that they are mean little buggers!

When we returned to the parking/camping area, we found a family at a campsite with a little beagle of their own. Her name was Maggie and she was two...reminded us of what Daphne was like back then (okay...Daph will be four this Sept...) Maggie was definitely more "puppy" like and tried to engage our exhausted dog into a little bit of playtime. Daph wouldn't have any of it...she was ready to nap in the car and head home to her "big dog" Annie.

Organized my stampin area a bit yesterday and today...feels good to have some space in there! Oh, I'll bet the creativity will just bound out of me now that it's a bit cleaner. I have a few little areas that have gathered "crap" that I need to go through but it's on the right track.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day One

This is day one of my own blog. I have looked at other stampers' sites and thought that it would be cool to try.

I will post about Stampin Up, rubber stamping, weight loss surgery (gastric bypass) and daily ramblings.'s been 7 months since my gastric bypass surgery. I've officially lost 98 pounds. Last Wednesday, I went shopping and bought clothes in a "regular" store.

Now, I'm off to figure out my mp3 player.