Sunday, July 30, 2006


Well, it's been a productive and HOT day here in my land! I woke up a little early and after a bit of breakfast took my little dog for a 35-40 minute walk. It was HUMID to say the least. Thank goodness for good songs on my MP3 player otherwise, I wouldn't have been as motivated.

I went to church and received a few compliments on my weight loss. I have lost 99 pounds since December 21st...the day of my gastric bypass surgery. I lost about 20 pounds before that (and since my dh had gastric surgery last June...he's lost over 150 pounds!!!!) Can I say, we look terrific...I know because I was inspired to look at my before pictures...

I was a size 28 before. I purchased size 16 capris a week or two ago...Yikes! Felt so GOOD to shop in a "regular" size clothes shop. That was actually kind of scary...I've not shopped at places other than Lane Bryant and Catherines (excellent plus size shops!) since before college in 1989!!! Yikes! I still remember looking through JCPenneys once when home college...and not finding anything to fit. They had an ok plus size department then...

I weighed 303 pounds on the day of my dh's surgery. I weighed 283 on the day of my surgery. I now weighed in this morning at 184!!!!!!!!!!! Okay...a few more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted yesterday that I was organizing my stampin area. All, I need the motivation to create...I know it's just an excuse to be messy but my new theory may be that I need mess to be creative.. I can only create in chaos...Ah, the true lazy side of me is coming out. You see, if I don't have to clean and can use creativity as an beautiful is that?

Off to check out some stampin blogs...


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