Friday, July 28, 2006

Day Two...last in a series

Okay, so I won't title each day by number...

Today was good! We drove up to Red Lake Falls, MN (if you have even heard of this little gem of a town, God bless you!) and walked the beautiful trail that this city has! It's gorgeous. Completely tree-lined. Daphne, our little beagle, sniffed the entire time, always finding something new. We walked for about 50 minutes out and decided it was time to turn around. We saw a rather large snapping turtle. My dh quickly pulled me away from it when I hadn't noticed it...I guess that they are mean little buggers!

When we returned to the parking/camping area, we found a family at a campsite with a little beagle of their own. Her name was Maggie and she was two...reminded us of what Daphne was like back then (okay...Daph will be four this Sept...) Maggie was definitely more "puppy" like and tried to engage our exhausted dog into a little bit of playtime. Daph wouldn't have any of it...she was ready to nap in the car and head home to her "big dog" Annie.

Organized my stampin area a bit yesterday and today...feels good to have some space in there! Oh, I'll bet the creativity will just bound out of me now that it's a bit cleaner. I have a few little areas that have gathered "crap" that I need to go through but it's on the right track.

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