Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm booked!

I've booked my flight to Denver to attend the SU to get into the right session when registration opens. My most awesome upline, Lisa S., has spoiled me by finding a SUPER deal on a hotel just a couple of blocks from the Convention center. I had to book my flight this morning. I was all set last night to book today anyway out of Fargo when low and behold, the flight that I had wanted last night was gone and all flights on that day from Fargo had gone up $60!!! The ones from GF were the same so even though the time is less convenient, I've saved on the cost.

Today was the final school day of Lutheran schools week. It was alumni day. We had a really good attendance from the high school students who had attended our elementary school. It was fun to look around and see how they've grown up and become respectible young adults.

Here's the name frame that I made to hang in my classroom. I had fun working on that one! It uses the Recollections paper from the Idea Book.

Thanks for looking!

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