Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today my parents are celebrating 49 years together! It's fun to think of it as I've gotten to spend (almost) 38 of those years with them! We haven't gone to visit them this summer as we're going in October (combining my LEA teacher time with a couple of personal days.) We're really looking forward to seeing them and spending some time together!

Here's the card that we sent:

The layout is copied but I chose my own colors. I am so sorry that I didn't write down who I "borrowed" the ideas from....

Happy Saturday. We're off for our walk, then to clean and then this afternoon, going to a birthday celebration for a lady that is turning 80 on Monday. She and I share a birthday and have (since I've known her) loved sharing it and wishing each other birthday greetings!

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Carolyn King said...

beautiful card. happy anniversary to your parents!