Thursday, August 07, 2008

Conditioning Your Stamps

Until recently, I didn't understand the importance of conditioning your bold image stamps. Lisa and Jeannette, my friends and roommates at convention, convinced me to try conditioning and they are so RIGHT!!!

Pat Huntoon, technique guru and fellow Blogger's Challenge member posted this tutorial on conditioning.

Here are some before and afters of the difference on some stamps I received at convention:

Can you see the difference I see? Hopefully, this will convince you to condition and not to be afraid. You WILL not ruin your stamps if you use a light hand to sand.


Pat Huntoon said...

Glad I could help at all, Lisa. It makes a HUGE difference, doesn't it?

amycara said...

Okay, I feel like a dope that I never heard this before! Thanks for enlightening me! I'll try it right away.