Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My computer is so sick....

She'll be in the "hospital" for a couple of weeks as the place is way behind schedule. So...I don't back up everything...I may have "lost" many of my creations that I sent in to SU as they were just on my computer....bummed if I think about it. They may be able to save it all but then, if it breaks down in 6 months, I'm right back where I started...but with EVERYTHING backed up...

If you gave me your email address within the last year, I've probably lost that, too, as I am not good at backing up.

I'm on my old micron and found this card from 2004! The only stampin on this is the phrase, which is retired, but you could sub it for another from the catty...This old computer doesn't have enough USB ports and I have to install my printer/scanner so it'll be OLD photos til my "new" computer is healthy again!

Thanks for looking!

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Tex said...

Oh you poor thing!!
You just come on over and I'll share this 'puter, Lisa! Happy to have found your blog though! *wink*