Saturday, March 07, 2009

Stamper's Showcase!

Because I had BC posted for yesterday, I saved my fun news that my card was on Stamper's Showcase yesterday!!! I participated in a swap with an AWESOME group of ladies who happen to be the BEST stampers! So far, if I've counted correctly, 12 of the cards from that swap have been selected!!! Fairly amazing!

On to the card:

Oh, that is little! (I downloaded the pic from SU) I have one of the originals from the swap. Maybe I'll have to take a picture of that so you can actually see the card!

Thanks for looking and if you are in the area (Crookston) stop by our Celebration Sunday tomorrow to help put a new surface on our school's playground!!!

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Barbara said...

The swap was AMAZING! Obviously, SU agrees as well because so many have been chosen for Stampers' Showcase! CONGRATULATIONS on having your card chosen! Beautiful!!