Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged....

I've been tagged! I've been tagged by my friend, Lisa. So here you go:

7 Things About Me:
1. I almost stopped rubber stamping...then I met my friend Jolyn who readdicted me.
2. I bought my first stamp to use in my classroom and never used it in my classroom!
3. I love MN Twins baseball and had a HUGE crush on Kent Hrbek (#14) when I was in jr. high. (He signed an autograph for me and I never used the pen again....) Now, I just cheer for them all!
4. I have read all the Janet Evanovich "Stephanie Plum" series and am on the waiting list at the library to read #13!!!
5. I can crochet dishcloths but have only made 2 blankets successfully. My husband is still waiting for me to make him a scarf. Most things I crochet are not even.
6. I have to have the blankets a certain way so I can sleep.
7. My name is Lisa Marie but I wasn't named for the famous one. My parents wanted a name that was short and easy to spell.

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