Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another Coaster Box

I don't think I shared my other coaster box that I made before convention. The first box was for Lisa S., my awesome upline and friend (have I mentioned how awesome she is? I've gotten many emails from people telling me how lucky am I to have her for an upline...I agree!)

This box was for my first night in Denver hostess, Margie S. She graciously filled her house with us crazy demos. She and her husband have three great kids who gave up their rooms to let us old stampers sleep in their beds. The kids slept in the living and we didn't hear a peep out of 'em, even when we were gigglin' in the kitchen! I made the box as a hostess thank you gift for letting me, a complete stranger, stay in her home.

I filled the coaster boxes with a bag of Widman's chocolate, made locally. It's not the famous Whitman's's Widman's. I think their specialty is Chocolate-covered Potato Chips...does it get better than that? Chocolate and potato chips...yummo!

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Marjie's Madness said...

And, hey, I keep looking into the box thinking it might magically fill up with chocolate again!! Thanks for the unnecessary gift Lisa!