Thursday, August 02, 2007

Minneapolis 35W Bridge

I need to begin my entry today with a request for prayers for those involved in the tragedy on the 35W bridge in Minneapolis yesterday. What a horrific thing! I was peacefully mounting stamp sets and listening to the Twins game on TV when they broke in with the news. They proceeded with the game which made total sense...25,000 plus people were at the game already...why release them and create a larger traffic mess? I'm sure that I've taken that bridge many times while I lived in St. Paul attending college. We have family in the area and we are assuming that all is well since we haven't heard otherwise.

I will also post another pic from convention. I've mentioned it (only a hundred times) that I was randomly selected to be a make and take helper at convention! It was an awesome experience that I would do again in a heartbeat. I was able to work directly with these two lovely young ladies, Angie Backman (on my left) and Stephanie Johnston (on my right). They are have dream jobs, as far as I'm concerned! They get to design for Stampin' Up! Here's a picture of me with the "Dream Team"! Their presentation to the general session was FANTABULOUS! Plus, they are genuinely nice girls!

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