Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My card on display at Convention

Here's a picture of me pointing to my card on the display boards at convention. It was the only one that I found. I had sent it in for the faux stitching challenge.

Dream Big was the theme of Convention 2007 and there was time for photo ops on Award Night. Here is Rhonda, Jeannette and I looking pretty darn good, I think!

Here's a picture that I took on Sunday while exploring downtown Denver. Everyone in my group had left already so I just walked up and down the 16th Street Mall. It's so can either walk or take a free shuttle up and down. There are a large variety of stores. I even found a couple of places to buy my dh some tobacco for his pipe smoking times.

Anyway, this isn't your typical statue. It's a real person, of course, dressed as a statue. The second picture shows what her sign says.


Stefanie said...

Congrats on having a card on the display board Lisa! Your picture came out super cute.

You guys looked great at awards night too! Sorry I missed it.

Queen Mary said...

Oh Lisa, here I've found your blog! What a treat for me! I am home, safe and sound from convention too! Mary G.